Orphan Train is a production of Pages of History, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational theatre and film agency.

The show is now available for full Licensed Performance.

For complete details on how you can present Orphan Train on your stage, send an email to Silver Spear

For more information, please contactL.E. McCullough, P.O. Box 60103, Pittsburgh, PA 15211 /

Group-Start-2Orphan Train is no mere history lesson.

IT IS A CALL for audiences to address the problem of our own era’s Surplus Children.

We know the impact of live theatre, and we believe Orphan Train will inspire audiences to “get on board” and change young lives in their home town … today.

Will you help us spread the word?


“When a child of the streets stands before you in rags,

  with a tear-stained face, can you easily forget him?

  Let us regard these children as our own.

  Let us place ourselves in their service.

  It is a great work wants doing in our generation. A great work, indeed.”

— Rev. Charles Loring Brace, Children’s Aid Society, New York City, 1872

OT-GCT Montage-3

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